4 thoughts on “N° 22

  1. I feel like I need to add a little bit of context this poem. Lately, I’ve been comparing myself so much to others that I can’t even look at my own reflection without thinking “If only you didn’t have this/that flaw, you would be beautiful.“ Being flawless is considered beautiful in our society and that’s just utter crap. Nobody on this fucking planet is flawless. Nobody is perfect. This sentence has been said so many times that it sounds pathetic saying it, even though it’s true! There is no such thing as perfection, and that is more than okay. We have flaws. We are imperfect. That’s what makes us human after all, and it’s not something that we should try and hide or feel ashamed for.

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  2. Maybe being flawless isn’t considered beautiful in our society. Maybe it’s us blaming the society to consider things like that. I am convinced the borders are in our heads. It’s us who set them. Everyone is perfect. In his or her own way. You are perfect how you are, because there is no other you. You can only be the best version of yourself so aim for being the best version of yourself. Everyone has his own vision of perfection. And everyone who doesn’t think that you are perfect how you are doesn’t deserve you. Because maybe those people can’t see their own flaws. Maybe your flaws make you perfect. And perfect is just a word.
    Imagine the people around you, do you think they are perfect? Probably not. But maybe you think they are perfect in their way. We all have flaws, of course. But do these flaws make us less perfect? And hell, as I said before: perfect is just a word and perfection is subjective.

    If you’d have a child, would you love it less because of its flaws? Would you love it more if it’d be perfect? Would you tell your child that it wasn’t perfect? Would you list the flaws of your child? …

    Have a nice day and feel loved. ❤

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  3. Those are some deep thoughts! Either way, both of those explanations come to the conclusion that we should accept ourselves for who we are, and even though at times this seems impossible… I will never stop trying


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