N° 23

Most of my poems
I write on train rides.

Maybe I need

The feeling
Of being on my way
The feeling
Of moving towards something

The ‘in between’

To write

When do you write? Do certain places or feelings make your creativity flow or do you just start to write anywhere and anytime at all? I would love to hear that, let me know in the comments if you like!

13 thoughts on “N° 23

      1. Ok…here ya go:
        Once I caught a bird who sang
        A song with such a mournful pang
        As if within the fading light
        A bell of shadow rang
        And with a clang

        I held to holly like a limb
        In seas too swift for me to swim
        And where I thought the world was bright
        I saw it growing dim
        And dim again

        And so like curtains on my eyes
        Forsaking thoughts of suns to rise
        And holding less to love by sight
        I found the sinking skies
        Were now my prize

        So there I wept and sang the tune
        That granted she who made me swoon
        And showed me I had lost the fight
        When thus my love was hewn
        And cruelly strewn

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  1. I’m wondering if I should publish one of my special poems in this comment section… Tell me if it would be appropriate, the sincerity of this page would probably take a hit but oh well


      1. Only for the German community:


        Gottfried Müller, Eberhard
        Sagt Gottfried nun
        Zum dritten Mal
        Zu Eberhard
        Denn ebendieser
        Hört schlecht

        Buisness inquiries via email only one at a time please

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