N° 11

When you listen to a song

Feel the melody arrive right in the center of you

Sending goosebumps all over your body

The words electrify you

And it feels like a light rain of happiness trickles down your spine

You’re so connected to the sound that it’s a part of you

Never could anything touch me deeper

N° 8

You know when
You think of something you did
And the memory doesn’t even feel real?

I think
There’s two reasons for that
Either it was something so great you can’t wrap your mind around the fact that it really happened
When it happened
you closed your mind and weren’t really ‘there’

I am a closed mind

N° 6

So many girls
Get treated like pieces of meat
By themselfes

Wearing that crazy thight jeans just to impress
Is bodyshaming
Putting on makeup just because you declare your bare face unacceptable
Is bodyshaming
Feeling insecure because of a bloated belly, unshaved legs, a sweaty back or ratchet nails

Stop reducing yourself to looks.

To love means to accept all the flaws There are
So start accepting
And love